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Best Outdoor TV Antenna – Review Guide for Best Deal

Worried about your cable bill? You should be! Research suggests that premium subscriptions cost up to $1500 every year. You can easily save this bill and get all the channels you want by investing in a digital antenna. But which is the best antenna? The following paragraphs have you covered.

Best Outdoor TV Antenna

Best Outdoor TV Antenna

Every manufacturer out there is selling the ‘best outdoor TV antenna’. But who can back up their advertising? This is what we are going to answer in this article. For the sake of brevity, we will list down 10 of the most popular antennas for digital TVs, but you are free to add to this list.

I will further narrow down this list to the top 5 antennas based on user reviews, technical specifications, purchase volumes, and price. But first, let’s discuss what defines a good HDTV antenna.

What is the Best TV Antenna?

Before delving in specific models, you should know a thing a two about antennas. There are various things that go in making a TV antenna worth your money:

If you have browsed online, you will know that there are lots of antennas to choose from. Keeping aside brand names for the moment, you have also sorts of antenna types: amplified, compact, medium range etc.

It all depends on where you live. There are websites that can tell give you data regarding signals. Hence, you can determine how strong an antenna you need to choose.

However, there is always a temptation to buy too much antenna. A high-powered antenna can overwhelm your digital tuner if your area receives high signal strength.

You can also need to determine what kind of band you need. There are some antennas that are Ultra high frequency (UHF) only, which works fine in many areas. But you are better off with an antenna that covers both VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF to get more channels.

Most of the antennas discussed in this article are amplified. However, amplifiers have their uses and limitations.

You don’t need amplification if you live in an area that receives high signal strength. In such scenarios, an amplifier can hamper reception.

So if your antenna can scan signals up to a 50-mile radius, you can do without an amplifier, but in other cases, an amplifier is beneficial.

The best TV antenna ultimately depends on how many channels you can get in your area, whether you need an indoor or outdoor antenna, whether you need a directional antenna, and how close you live to the TV station.

To sum up, here is your best antenna checklist:

  • Availability of channels in your area
  • Your location
  • Weather conditions in your area
  • Your budget
  • Amplification and coaxial cables

Easy Comparison Table for Top 10 Outdoor TV Antenna

Here are the 10 most popular antennas on the market today listed with their essential features.

Outdoor TV AntennaTypeHDBandMile RangePrice
1byone Outdoor Antenna
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Amplified Outdoor Antenna
Read Full Review
Vilso TV Antenna
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1byone Antenna
Read Full Review
Esky HDTV Antenna
Read Full Review
1byone Digital Amplified Outdoor AntennaAmplifiedYesVHF/UVF80CHECK PRICE
GE 29884 Pro Outdoor/Attic MountLong-rangeYesVHF/UVF70CHECK PRICE
RCA Outdoor Yagi HDTV CompactYesUHF60CHECK PRICE
ViewTV Outdoor AntennaAmplifiedYesVHF/UVF150CHECK PRICE
Channel Master CM-4228HD Multi-directionalYesVHF/UVF80CHECK PRICE

Top 5 Outdoor TV Antenna – Full Review for Best Deal

Let’s now discuss the top 5 antennas in depth.

Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna – 1byone 85 Outdoor Antenna

1byone 85 outdoor antenna

When it comes to the best outdoor HDTV antenna, one name comes to mind: 1byone 85 outdoor TV antenna. But let’s see if this is really the case.

1byone has a good build quality and is sturdier than your average antenna. It is made of hard (but thin) plastic that is not easily bendable.

This antenna comes with a 20-foot cable, which is great considering your average antenna comes with attached cables are only 5 feet long.

1byone is amplified, and it scans in a 50-mile radius. It does perform better than non-amplified antennas, but it does have powerful counterparts if you talk about similar antenna type.

All in all, this antenna performs best if you are located far away from the TV station.

1byone is an affordable amplified antenna, but there are better ones out there.

  • 85 miles reception
  • Amplified
  • For outdoor/attic/roof
  • VHF/UHF Band
  • Mounting Pole
  • Full HD
Pros Cons
  • Solid design
  • Comes with a long coaxial cable
  • 20-foot cable gives you enough movement to find the best reception in your home/country
  • Amplified
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t receive as many channels as its counterparts
  • Doesn’t perform as well as other amplified antennas
  • You can get better reception and more channels by spending a few more bucks

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Best Long Range Outdoor HD TV Antenna – Amplified Outdoor Antenna

Amplified Outdoor Antenna

Let us now talk about what is perhaps the best long range outdoor HDTV antenna: Tree New Bee’s amplified outdoor antenna.

This antenna has a solid design. It is weather resistant, which means it can capture signals no matter what the conditions are out there.

It comes with a 40-feet coaxial cable which gives you plenty of room to find the best reception in your home/office. Not all antenna offer cables of this length.

This antenna offers a host of amazing features, most of which have been listed above. It boasts a range of 150 miles.

However, you need to remember that signal range depends on a host of conditions, e.g. presence of tall buildings or trees near your location.

The antenna is amplified, offering good performance at low noise levels.

  • Amplified
  • HDTV
  • 150-mile range
  • Motorized rotation
  • Infrared remote control
Pros Cons
  • Amplified
  • Low noise
  • Supports 2 TVs
  • Comes with a long coaxial cable
  • Aiming could be more precise
  • There is no indication where the antenna is pointing
  • The lightweight construction has caused some homeowners to worry whether the antenna is sturdy enough or not
Considering its price range, Tree New Bee’s is definitely a great long range digital TV antenna. 

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Best Outdoor Digital TV Antenna – Vilso TV Antenna

Vilso TV Antenna

We have already reviewed 1byone. Let’s see if Vilso’s TV Antenna measures up as the best outdoor digital TV antenna.

You will be intrigued by the design of this antenna, but the build quality isn’t up to the mark. It is made of low quality plastic and aluminum.

But since you are paying a reasonable price for the product, there will be some trade off.In addition, while the coaxial cable is long, it isn’t long enough.

The HD performance of this antenna has been well-received by customers. Depending on where you are located, you can catch dozens of local channels, all in clear, rich picture quality.

It scans in a 150-mile radius, and even in areas with a lot of obstructions, you can expect a decent performance.

  • Outdoor antenna
  • Amplified
  • Motorized 360o rotation
  • 150 miles range
  • Wireless remote
  • VHF/UVF band
Pros Cons
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Amplified
  • Impressive signal reception
  • You may need a larger coaxial cable if your TV is far from the antenna
  • 6’’ cable between the antenna and the amplifier box doesn’t come in the shipment
  • Not all users appreciate the super bright red light on the main control box

If you want an amplified, long-range digital TV antenna on a budget, Vilso’s product serves the purpose superbly. 

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Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna – [New Concept]1byone Antenna


1byone Amplified Antenna

It’s about time we included an omnidirectional antenna in the list. Many think that the new concept 1byone is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna out there. Let’s see if this is the case or not.

1byone has a good build quality and is sturdier than your average antenna. It is compact and made of hard (but thin) plastic that is not easily bendable.

This antenna comes with long cable so you can find the best signal area in your house with ease. It is also weather-resistant so you don’t have to climb the roof to fine tune during bad weather.

The features of this antenna enhance its performance considerably. For instance, the compact size reduces wind load, in turn ensuring good signals even in bad weather.

This feature is complemented by anti-UV coating. Thanks to the 360o reception, the antenna does not only get signals from all sides, but you also don’t have to adjust its direction manually.

  • Compact size
  • 360o omnidirectional reception
  • Long-range
  • Amplified
  • Weather-resistant
Pros Cons
  • Great design
  • Omnidirectional
  • Weather-resistant
  • Priciest antenna on our list
  • Not long-range
  • Depending on signal strength, you may not be able to get all the channels in a 60-mile radius

Even though it is pricier than the antennas discussed thus far, the omnidirectional 1byone is definitely worth the investment. 

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Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas – Esky HDTV Amplified Antenna

Esky HDTV Antenna

Finally we have Esky’s HDTV antenna, which has been dubbed by many as the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas.

One of defining features of this Esky antenna is its solid construction. The product definitely doesn’t come across as cheap. In addition, the antenna comes with water-proof capability and lightning protection.

The antenna comes with the grounding done so that bad weather doesn’t affect your TV viewing experience.

The amplifier of this antenna can potentially receive from up to 150 miles away, which makes it one of the best antennas for rural locations.

It also offers great sound quality, while the amplifier hardly makes any noise. The 3600 rotation also ensures that you are receiving signals from all sides.

  • 360o rotation
  • Water-proof
  • 45-860 MHz Frequency
  • 2 TV support
  • 150-mile range
Pros Cons
  • Easy to install
  • Solid design
  • Integrate signal amplifier to reduce signal loss
  • Performs faster than fixed antennas
  • Some users have complained about rotation function
  • Performance issues likely to spring up in 6 months (though you can claim warranty)
  • Signal strength not always consistent

Overall, if you are looking for long range signals, then the Esky outdoor antenna will work best for you. 

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How to Improve TV Antenna Signal

Before closing this article, let me teach you some hacks so you make most of your antenna capability:

  • You can determine the direction of TV signals online. Adjust your antenna likewise
  • Use a long coaxial cable
  • Trying laying your antenna flat horizontally
  • Move it as high as you can
  • Unplug all unnecessary electronic devices
  • Try removing the amplifier and see if you get more channels
  • If you are signals are coming from one area, using a reflector might help

Finally, remember that you don’t need an HDTV to receive digital signals. All antennas, even the latest ones, have still be designed to receive analog TV signal.

So if you already have a high-quality analog antenna, you don’t need to replace it with a digital antenna. However, if your analog antenna has worn out and/or you are looking for a new antenna, then investing in a digital antenna offers an amazing ROI.

Final Word

That’s about it! Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all antenna. So assess your location, see where the signals are coming from, and use the aforementioned tips and reviews to find the best antenna. Time to kiss cable goodbye!

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